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Grow your revenue — use marketing to promote wisely

Having a taxi application is not enough. It’s all about clients and revenue, right?

Follow the Success Brick Road

Follow the Success Brick Road -

App Store Optimization

Optimization can get you +30% downloads

ASO is optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store's search results. Apps with high ranks get more downloads. We will optimize your keywords so you can get as many free installs as possible. Simple recipe, a fantastic result!

Push it and get clients

Push it and get clients

Your clients can forget about your special offers, but they will have no chance with push notifications in the app. Choose the perfect time and remind users that the best deal and service they can get only with your company.

Grab the tourists before their arrival

You can attract people interested in your country even before they land at your airport. Show your ads to people in special locations and those who are interested in traveling.
You can focus on app installs or rides — choose the best optimization model!

Facebook ads is the new black

Facebook ads is the new black

We can show your banners or video ads to people that are similar to your existing riders. These users will more likely convert into customers. Don’t miss the chance to use Facebook Ads!

App Store Search Ads

App Store Search Ads

Get installs from people that are searching for taxi services in the App Store and more likely will convert into your riders! Your ad will look just like your app preview on the top of the App Store search results

Ah oh, the most important


All the time, every month (better every 2 weeks). Analytics like a compass for your ship — if you don’t have it, you may get lost. Or even worse — lose your money without any effect.

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